Half-Day Session

Integrative & Biological Dentistry

Jointly conducted with the IAOMT, this is a half-day introduction to biological dentistry and how integrative collaborative approach can work best between dentists and doctors trained in this field. 

Speakers include the President of the IAOMT, President of IAOMT-Asia (Japan) and a local pioneer in biological dentistry. 


Integrative Dentistry Programme: Friday, 17 April 2020 2-6PM

Welcoming Remarks by Session Chair


Speech by Guest-of-Honour


Keynote Speech TBA IAOMT


Tea Break

3.30pm Visit exhibitor tables

Dr. Hidekazu Hayashi President IAOMT-Asia (Japan)

4.00pm Biological dentistry: The Japanese Perspective 

Ms. Yoko Arima, IAOMT-Asia Board Member

4.30pm Case reports from IAOMT-Asia in Japan 

Dr. Gan Siok Ngoh


Q & A


End Session

Speakers Profile


Dr. Carl W. McMillan, DMD, AIAOMT (Coordinating replacement speaker IAOMT)

President IAOMT

Having graduated with his dental degree from the College of Dental Medicine of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston in 1989, Dr. Carl McMillan’s primary focus for over 20 years has been on holistic dentistry. With the aim of building a brand around his primary focus, Dr. McMillan strives to practice general dentistry with a holistic perspective at his Holistic Dental Centers office.

As a testament to his firm belief in practicing holistic dentistry, Dr. McMillan is the President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), and a charter member of the International Academy of Mercury Free Dentists (IAMFD). These two academies are primarily composed of physicians, dentists and research scientists who are dedicated to practicing evidence-based health care.

His belief that total body wellness starts in the mouth is the foundation of his practice. Dedicating himself to practicing dentistry according to the oath of ‘First, do no harm,’ Dr. McMillan ardently believes in providing his patients with dental care that improves their overall health. Dr.McMillan offers services such as Holistic Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Dentistry, Oral Sedation, Bridges, Veneers, Crowns and Teeth Whitening.

Since he considers himself 99 percent educator and one percent dental mechanic, when a patient visits his office, he starts out with a comprehensive exam and discusses all health issues with the patient. As a strict discourager of the use of metal for dental treatments, when Dr. McMillan sees a problem in his patients, he strives to fix it without causing any harm to the body. He always challenges himself to find an answer to the issue by finding a way that is not harmful to the overall health of the patient.

Introducing himself as Carl, he gets to know his patients on a personal level by leaning back and getting to know about them and their families. Even though a majority of his patients are holistic patients, a majority of his non-holistic patients also decide to stay because of the way he treats them. He gives his cell number to all his patients and they can contact him at anytime about any issue. Always keeping his patients in the driver’s seat, he never performs any procedure without educating them about why it should be done and what relationships it has with their overall health.

When he’s not working or reading, he can be found with his wife and four children, either playing or coaching sports like baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. A huge lover of outdoor activities, he frequently water skis, snow skis, cycles, and runs short distance races. He believes that diet, exercise and mental or spiritual activity are vital contributory factors to solid and total health.


Dr. Hidekazu Hayashi DDS, Ph.D

Hidekazu Hayashi is trained in oral surgery after graduation from Osaka Dental University in 1993. In 1998 he obtained his PhD doctorate degree from the Osaka Dental University. From 2000 to present, he worked as chief doctor at a private practice in Nara, Japan. He belongs to ITI (International Team for Implantlogy) since 2002. From 2005 to 2006, he was accorded  ITI Scholar in the Center for Implant Dentistry, Unversity of Florida, USA. He is an ITI fellow since 2010 and part-time instructor in Oral surgery at Osaka Dental University since 1998. He was certified as specialist of Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine in 2013. He belongs to IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology) since 2016. In 2019 He became an ambassador in the Japan region of IAOMT. 


Ms. Yoko Arima

Yoko Arima– The MARCEL Nutrition therapy

Yoko Arima has practiced nutrition therapy at the dental clinic of her late husband (Dr. Seiji Arima, IAOMT) for 15 years. She uses microscopic analysis to analyze oral microbes. Based on the findings, she provides customized nutritional recommendations in order to create more balanced microbiome. Having achieved successful outcomes from her experience, she studied to become a nutritional counselor. She began her work abroad in 2005. Her focus is on the use of herbal treatment as well as natural healing. In recent years, she started to incorporate gluten free diet recommendations.

She also develops individualized nutrition instructions for each patient, applying her protocol of using the diet to heal. She studies diseases related to insufficient nutrients, and the health of each part of the human body.

She is especially respected for providing appropriate advice to families who have children with developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder. She is renowned for her analysis of various biological functions, including genome analysis. In addition to her work, lecturing at seminars, and serving as an advisor, she is the mother of four children.

Currently emigrated to Malaysia with her children

Various qualifications:

IAOMT-Asia authorization nourishment counselor

Rev. nourishment medicine instruction

Clinical genomic medicine society genome caster


Dr. Gan Siok Ngoh B.D.S. (Singapore), MSc (Periodontology)

Dr. Gan Siok Ngoh B.D.S. 1981(Singapore) 

MSc (Periodontology) 1991 (U.K.)

Dr Gan Siok Ngoh is a specialty-qualified Periodontist dental surgeon. She adopts a wholistic  integrated approach as an oral physician . In the past thirty years of  practice, she has helped many medically compromised patients manage their oral health .Interests and focus  in helping medically compromised patients have a healthier dental state and enjoy a better healthier quality of life.

Wholistic Dentistry is an integrated approach to Dentistry that promotes health and wellness instead of the treatment of disease. This approach encompasses both modern science and knowledge drawn from the world traditions on natural healing. The whole person approach  is acknowledged that deals with the mind, body, and spirit of the patient, not just his or her "Teeth".

Chronology of Postgraduate Experiences :

1981:Bachelor of Dental Surgery(Singapore) 

1981-1983: Government dental practice 

1983-1988 :private general practice 

1988-1990: Hospital based general dental practice 

1991:Attained Master of Science in Periodontology (UK) 

1992-2008 February ( solo practice) Hospital based dental practice with focus on periodontology(70%) and full mouth dentistry for treatment of chronic degenerative and immuno-compromised cases 

2006-2009 : restricted Specialist periodontal work once a week at heartland private group practice 

2008March-Now –Associate in group practice ;currently 80% focus on wholistic dentistry and management of medically compromised patients.

Attended postgraduate Primary Course in  Clinical Nutritional and Environmental medicine.(ACNEM)May 2010.

Continually updating ………………..

Member of following Associations

• International Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists (IAMSD)

• International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

• American Academy of Periodontology (AAP)

• Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM)

• Australian Academy of Clinical Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)

• Singapore Dental Association (SDA)

• Society of Periodontology, Singapore (SPS)

• College of General Dental Practitioners Singapore CGDP

• Member of Society of Clinical Metal Toxicology Singapore (SOCMT)