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The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) is a global network of dentists, health professionals, and scientists who research the biocompatibility of dental products, including the risks of mercury fillings, fluoride, root canals, and jawbone osteonecrosis. We are a non-profit organization and have been dedicated to our mission of protecting public health and the environment since we were founded in 1984. 


International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine

The term ‘orthomolecular’ was first used by Linus Pauling in his seminal article, Orthomolecular Psychiatry, published in the journal Science, April 19, 1968. Orthomolecular medicine, as conceptualized by Pauling and established through the pioneering leadership of Abram Hoffer, aims to restore the optimum environment of the body by correcting molecular imbalances on the basis of individual biochemistry. 

The IVS concept arose out of the passion of its Executive Director, Professor Gerald Poll

Institute for Venture Science

The IVS concept arose out of the passion of its Executive Director, Professor Gerald Pollack, a pioneer in the field of water. After some time, he came to realize that the establishment actually prevents truly groundbreaking ideas from emerging. These insights drove him to conceive the IVS in order to solve this problem.

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Phone: +1 (206) 708-2458




National Institute of Integrative Medicine

The National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) was founded by Professor Avni Sali.

NIIM is a not for profit organisation conducting research and education in Integrative Medicine, and facilitating its practice at the NIIM Clinic.

Our mission is to educate healthcare professionals and the general public in integrative medicine, and to conduct research into integrative medical treatments and technologies.


World Naturopathic Federation

The World Naturopathic Federation represents over 50 naturopathic organizations from across the globe. Our goal is to promote naturopathy, increase awareness of naturopathy within our member countries and provide education to countries about the value of naturopathy to the health of all people.

The Mission of the WNF is:

Supporting the growth and diversity of naturopathy / naturopathic medicine worldwide

Supporting the appropriate regulation and recognition of naturopathy / naturopathic medicine

Promoting accreditation and the highest educational standards for our global profession

Encouraging naturopathic research

Establishing and maintaining a database of Naturopathic organisations, regulation, accreditation, conferences and research activities.

Working with world agencies (World Health Organisation, United Nations, UNESCO) and national governments and supra-national agencies in order to promote the naturopathic profession.

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Singapore Affiliate

Society of Natural and Alternative Health Therapists

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Academy of Family Physicians Malaysia

The Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia has kindly put the SLiM.Sciences 2020 on their Announcement Section of the website homepage. Any members of the AFMP are welcome to register at the supporting member price for the 3-Day Conference. 


International Anti aging and Integrative Medicine Society

Integrating the art and science of medicine


Indian Nutritional Medicine Association

   INMA and Soukhya Training and Research Institute (STRI).

+91  8129212145  


Thailand Institute for Functional Medicine

Thailand Institute for Functional Medicine (TIFM), is involved in efforts to improve the standard of care for chronic health conditions through the approach of Functional Medicine. From our early days in 2003, we continuously strive to raise practice standards through various learning activities, seminars, and collaboration with relevant organizations.

+66 2 6628464-6


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Personal Health Solutions Kuala Lumpur



Unit 6.06 & 6.07 Plaza 138

138 Jalan Ampang

50450 Kuala Lumpur


Tel: +603 2715 7488   Fax: +603 2715 7490




Malaysian Association for Advancement of Functional and Interdisciplinary Medicine

+6 012 390 2488




Indonesian Integrative Medicine Society

Contact Yuli:+62 821 12626195 



Ananda Marga International Academy


Ánanda Márga in Sanskrit means “Path of Bliss”.

It is a social and spiritual organisation with a two-fold approach of Self-realization and Service to humanity Self-realization is the goal of life, achieved through meditation, yoga and related spiritual practices.

Service to all creation is the way of life in the society of a spiritual aspirant.

+65 63446519



Set up in 2007, Eco Harmony is a social enterprise that supports Kampung Senang’s charity and education projects. Eco Harmony complements Kampung Senang’s efforts at disease prevention.

Eco Harmony’s Holistic Support programmes adopt a preventative approach to diseases and incorporate a full complement of wholesome living practices. Projects & Activities of Eco-Harmony include:

Holistic Wellness Symposium

Workshops and courses on health, wellness, food & nutrition, yoga and holistic living

Rejuvenation retreats and regular programs open to public for detoxification and wellness training

Eco Harmony Cafe, providing organic, healthy and balanced plant-based foods to the public

Eco Store, retailing organic fresh produce, dried goods, functional foods and other lifestyle products. 

+65 6749 8509


Society of Natural and Alternative Health Therapists

The Society of Natural and Alternative Health Therapists (SONAHT) is the first professional organization in Singapore for qualified professionals. It is aimed at practitioners who are multi-disciplinary as well as specialists.


Contact President, Dr Sundardas for further information:

The Society for Natural and Alternative Health Therapists

20 Sin Ming Lane #06-55 Midview City

Singapore 573968

Tel: 65 63236652, Fax 65 6323661