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19th April Sunday 2-4pm

2-hour Qigong

Take in a 2-hour overview of qigong with Grand Master Chunyi Lin.

One Day Retreat - Spring Forest Qigong


What is Qigong?

Qigong is a study of energy. Since everything in the universe is a form of energy, qigong is a study of the whole universe. Qigong has been practiced in China for thousands of years and there are thousands of different styles of qigong that are taught and practiced for a variety of purposes. Spring Forest Qigong focuses on the use of qigong for self-healing and healing others. 

“Qi” (pronounced chee) on the physical level, means energy, air or breath, vitality, or the universal force of life. “Gong” means to work, use, practice, transform, cultivate or refine. Put simply, qigong means using this vital life energy to create a healthy mind and body. Through qigong we can heal not only physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. 

What is Spring Forest Qigong?

Spring Forest Qigong was created so that everyone could activate their healing intelligence and experience the extraordinary healing power of Qigong. The name “Spring Forest Qigong” is very meaningful. Imagine a forest in springtime that is nourished by spring water. Spring is the season of awakening from the cold, dormant period of winter, a time of new life and rebirth. A spring is also a natural source of water that nourishes the world. A forest is a beautiful place with trees, other plants and many animals, a natural haven where diverse living things thrive in harmony. 

However, one tree does not make a forest. A forest is made with many, many trees. This is how Master Chunyi Lin sees Spring Forest Qigong. It offers everyone a simple yet very powerful way to awaken their natural healing ability. Spring Forest Qigong works in harmony with other practitioners of all kinds who use their techniques to help people to become free of pain and sickness and to live the richest, most rewarding life possible. 

Spring Forest Qigong puts the power back in our hands. It was created to help everyone to realize that we are born with the natural ability to heal ourselves, to detect energy blockages in the body, and to use our Qi to help others to heal themselves. 

After being completely healed of pain himself, resulting from severe injury and depression that went along with it, Master Chunyi Lin knew that there was something special in Qigong and he searched for ways to share and help others. Qigong healing techniques have traditionally been very complex, difficult and cloaked in mystery. Through many years of research and practice, he has revised and simplified Qigong movements and principles so that they are easy to learn and fit into our daily lives. 

Spring Forest Qigong makes the healing power of Qigong simple, powerful and accessible to all of us. It is the lifestyle for the 21 Century.

Register for the 1-Day Retreat

Master Chunyi Lin will be conducting a one day retreat on 20th April 2020 a day after the SLiM.Sciences 2020 conference. The retreat is held in the Shangri-la Hotel Singapore. Seats are limited. Please register early. . 



The Five Element Healing Movements:

Awaking the Intelligence of Your Physical Body and the Power of Your Heart 

In the past 20 years of studying and teaching qigong, I’ve discovered that whether your goal is to stay healthy and balanced or to heal your body faster and more completely, you must pay equal attention to the intelligence of the physical body and the power of the heart to receive the greatest benefits. If you only pay attention to one and ignore the other, you are unable to heal your challenges as quickly and completely as you could. 

Spring Forest Qigong Five Element Healing Movements can awaken both the intelligence of the physical body and the power of heart to achieve the optimal healing. 


Your Physical Body 

We have 12 major channels in our physical body, which connect to our internal organs. In these 12 channels, six start or end in the hands, and other six start or end in the feet. These energy channels work together as a team. In addition to these 12 major channels, the body has two more very important channels; the front and back energy channels.

If there is a blockage in any energy channel, this blockage can grow bigger and eventually make the body sick. It can also cause energy blockages in another part of the body, too. But certain movements of your physical body can help remove these blockages.

The physical body has intelligence for healing because it was designed that way. The Five Element Healing Movements can activate the healing intelligence of physical body.  

Just by moving your hands in the way of Moving of Yin and Yang, you can help strengthen the front energy channel. If you visualize the image of column of light inside in the middle of torso at the same time, you can balance the connections of all the internal organs.

I’ve discovered that by moving your hands to the sides as in Breathing of the Universe you can strengthen or heal the lungs even faster. I’ve also discovered that by moving your hands above your head as you do in the Connecting with Heaven & Earth movement you can open up the Triple Heaters channel which is very important to heal and strengthen the gland and lymph systems. 

By connecting your fingertips together and holding a heart shape in front of your naval for a certain length of time as you do in Connecting with your Body’s Energy you can activate the channels connecting to your heart and lungs. In addition, it will strengthen the muscles and channels in the chest, spine, shoulders, and diaphragm. I’ve also discovered that if you move your body from side to side gently while holding the heart shape with your fingers in front of the naval you can help increase the balance of your brain energy as well as your physical body. 

By repeatedly bending your back slightly forward slowly and then straightening it back as in Connecting with your Heart’s Energy, I’ve discovered you can strengthen your spine and back muscles, while opening or keeping your back energy channel open. 

Combining these movements with effective breathing will keep the energy channels in the body open, helping energy to flow freely and keeping the body in balance. 


The Five Elements

In order to keep the body healthy and functioning at its best, we need to keep the physical body and the heart energy in balance. Through thousands of years of observations, our ancestors discovered a powerful way to understand the connection between our physical body and the heart energy. This is called the Five Elements theory. 

The Five Elements theory is a cornerstone of Chinese medicine. Understanding these elements helps us to understand the formation of the energy in the body and in the universe. 

There are emotions and organ systems that are associated with each of the elements. When you focus on the positive emotion for a specific element you can literally transform the energy in that associated system as you will see and practice in the Five Element Healing Movements. Each emotion has its special signature, and each emotion has its special frequency, and each frequency matches a certain part of the system, powerfully impacting the organs in your body. This creates a beautiful complete healing. 

As you can see in Figure 1, the five elements are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each of the five elements is also associated with an organ system in the human body. 

Wood represents the liver energy system.

Fire represents the heart energy system. 

Earth represents the spleen energy system. 

Metal represents the lung energy system.

Water represents the kidney energy system. 


Negative & Positive Emotion Flow

When the energy in your body is in balance and flowing smoothly, you will be healthy and happy. It is when the energy in your body is not in balance that your body experiences challenges and energy blockages.

How do our bodies' energy channels get out of balance?  You may ask.

There are many ways our bodies' energy channels could get out of balance, for examples, unhealthy foods, poor environmental condition one lives in, or accidents, etc.  But one of the main reasons our bodies energy channels get out of balance is the effects of unbalanced emotions.

The ancient wisdom of the Five Elements theory teaches us that anger causes damage to the liver energy system; hatred damages the heart energy system; anxiety damages the spleen energy system; sadness damages the lung energy system, and fear damages the kidney energy system. 

The Five Elements theory also helps us understand how to open these blockages and return the body to balance and harmony. Positive emotions can help to heal the body. 

It teaches us that happiness can heal the liver energy system; joy can heal the heart energy system; peace can heal the spleen energy system; contentment can heal the lung energy system, and thankfulness can heal the kidney energy system. 

Spring Forest Qigong Five Element Healing Movements incorporates the philosophy of five elements and the five positive emotions to create energy balance in our organs and energy channels.

Your body's energy has the intelligence to help itself to heal. Practicing the Five Element Healing movements can help you to unlock the healing intelligence and activate your healing power that you already possess. Practice these five gentle healing movements to break away from the negative unbalanced emotions, remove energy blockages in your body, prevent energy blockages from forming in your body, and experience the optimal health.



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